In addition to investing in renovating our properties, CPO has also been investing in improving safety within our communities. Quality housing is safe housing.

Eliminate the Elements™ is a pro-active policing and property management strategy that empowers Columbus police officers, working as CPO special duty officers, to address criminal activity on and near CPO properties.

  • Officers arestrategically chosen for knowledge of neighborhoods and commitment to our mission.
  • Daily coordination between officers and property management focuses officers on current "hotspots" and property managers on timely lease enforcement.
  • Anonymous tip line makes it safe for residents and neighbors to report problems.
  • Officers utilize CPO police cruiser, leased through a partnership with the City of Columbus.

The program focuses on developing relationships between the officers and the community through positive "knock and talk" interactions with residents.

  • The impact of Eliminate the Elements™ is clear. Arrests by CPO officers have decreased 91% between 2005 and 2014. More importantly, children have resumed playing in courtyards and backyards in our neighborhoods. The areas we serve require continued investment in safety in order to move toward the goal of quality, safe housing.

Anonymous Safety Tipline: To anonymously report suspicious or criminal activity on or near a CPO property, please call 614-545-SAFE (7233).


Safe Neighborhoods Initiative & Neighborhood Network Gatherings: In January of 2010, United Way of Central Ohio and The JPMorgan Chase Foundation provided funding for CPO's Safe Neighborhoods Initiative. This Weinland Park-focused neighborhood engagement strategy is designed to increase safety and sense of community in the neighborhood.   A fulltime Outreach and Engagement Manager and Engagement Specialists work with residents to build a sense of community, address barriers, reduce isolation and increase connection to community resources. Neighborhood Network meetings are held monthly, along with other engagement strategies, including community cookouts hosted at participants’ homes to engage more neighbors.

For more information on Neighborhood Network Gatherings, contact our Outreach and Engagement Manager at 614-205-8125 or "like" us on Facebook!



CPO’s personalized police cruiser allows the off duty officers to obtain real time information while they patrol the CPO portfolio.


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