Community Properties Impact Corporation

Community Properties Impact Corporation (CPO Impact) is a non-profit organization that functions as the Supportive Services division of Community Properties of Ohio to help achieve its mission. CPO Impact strategies are designed to achieve five key objectives: 1) stable housing; 2) safe neighborhoods; 3) resident growth, including moving beyond poverty where possible; 4) successful children; and 5) community learning. To achieve these outcomes, we provide supportive services and connect residents to several community programs through a network of partnerships with local service providers. Instrumental to this model is the assistance that residents receive with basic needs, such as food, clothing, and furniture. The Supportive Services department provides linkage and tracking to extensive services including utility assistance programs, behavioral health, early learning for children, and workforce development.

In addition, CPO further stabilizes residents through its neighborhood improvement initiatives. CPO hires Engagement Specialists to focus on increasing safety and community involvement in our neighborhoods. Projects include trash pick-up, beautification, neighborhood clean-up, weatherization preparation along with other community projects.

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The AmeriCorps program provides volunteers to build capacity of programs such as CPO Building Blocks. For more information on other CPO Impact programs, including Eliminate the Elements and Safe Neighborhoods, click here.


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