Several key community organizations came together to develop the Community Properties Initiative. Each organization is an advocate of neighborhood revitalization and community development. Each was instrumental in shaping the vision that Community Properties of Ohio Management Services has embraced. In addition to the Community Properties initiative, CPO manages additional properties on behalf of our valued housing and development partners.

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH)
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) is an independent, mission-driven nonprofit corporation that works with private and public developers to create affordable housing opportunities. Since its inception in 1989, OCCH has raised more than $1 Billion in private investment for LIHTC projects and has completed more than 300 developments and projects with partners,
creating more than 16,000 units of affordable housing.

Campus Partners
Campus Partners for Community Urban Redevelopment was created in 1995 by The Ohio State University, in cooperation with the city of Columbus. Campus Partners’ main goal is to lead the revitalization of the University District in Columbus. Campus Partners is a non-profit organization that works with the city, community agencies, neighborhood leaders, and the university itself. Their partnership with OCCH and CPO in the Weinland Park neighborhood is vital to this neighborhood revitalization effort.

Community Housing Network, Inc.
Community Housing Network, Inc. (CHN) is a developer, owner and manager of supportive housing providing specialized property management services and rent subsidies to people with disabilities, including persons with drug and alcohol disorders.

Columbus Housing Partnership
Columbus Housing Partnership (Homeport) has been committed to meeting the needs of the Columbus communities for affordable housing and home ownership opportunities for over 15 years, partnering with lenders and businesses, governmental entities, community and faith-based organizations, developers and community development corporations. CPO proudly manages twelve communities, including over 400 LIHTC townhomes and single-family homes, on behalf of Homeport Rental Living, a division of Columbus Housing Partnership. These communities offer a lease-purchase program and offer additional affordable housing opportunities for Central Ohio families.

The Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
The Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority serves the community by helping people access affordable housing. By working with collaborative partners, they develop, renovate and maintain housing, promote neighborhood revitalization, and assist residents in accessing needed social services. CPO is proud to manage Bollinger Tower, an CMHA-owned community providing project-based rental assistance for low-income seniors in the Short North arts district of downtown Columbus.

Homes on the Hill
In partnership with Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, Homes on the Hill developed the Homes on the Hill portfolio. This NSP-funded development offers LIHTC rental housing in the Hilltop neighborhood (west Columbus). This initiative was completed in 2011. CPO is proud to manage these brand new and renovated single family homes with a lease-purchase program, offering additional affordable housing opportunities for families in Central Ohio.

Community Properties Initiative One Brick at a Time
  Development Partners:
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
Campus Partners
Community Housing Network
Columbus Housing Partnership (Homeport Rental Living)
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

Homes on the Hill


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