CPO gathered an experienced team of specialists to lead the construction/rehabilitation effort in this unprecedented redevelopment project that will preserve government-subsidized housing in Columbus, Ohio.

The Albert M. Higley Company/Baker Henning Productions, A Joint Venture Company
The Community Properties Initiative hired The Albert M. Higley Company/Baker Henning Productions, A Joint Venture Company, experienced urban redevelopment specialists, as General Contractors of the rehabilitation project and the CPO Campus. The construction team consists of established and successful companies that have combined to design and manage a complicated major renovation of over 200 buildings with strong Historic and neighborhood ties. The Joint Venture is
responsible for all aspects of the construction including acquiring and supervising sub-contractors.

Moody-Nolan Ltd., Inc
Moody-Nolan Ltd., Inc., an organization experienced in renovating public housing, was hired as the architectural team for the Initiative. Moody-Nolan, with assistance from their consultants, began with the planning stage and was involved throughout the renovation providing services that include scope reviews, production of drawings, permit reviews, mechanical and electrical evaluations and direct field management.

Judy Williams
Historic Consultant

Since many CPO building are located within Historic districts, it was necessary to have an experienced
historic consultant on the team. The Initiative hired Judy Williams to handle the many tasks required to meet all the numerous requirements and obtain the needed approvals from several different Historic Commissions in the neighborhoods we service.

Community Properties Initiative One Brick at a Time
  Construction Team:
Community Properties of Ohio Management Services
The Albert M. Higley Co / Baker Henning Productions
Moody-Nolan, Inc.


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