CPO management company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio within a five-mile range of its apartments and townhouses. As part of the philosophy of changing communities from within, CPO created a unique office/campus environment to serve residents, applicants, and the community.

A contemporary office designed for streamlined operations, efficient production, and superior customer service was opened in April 2003. The workspace encourages a highly responsive customer service design that allows staff to interact positively and effectively with clients. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about CPO and residency requirements by watching a brief video detailing Community Properties housing and resident expectations.

Next to the main office sits a majestic high-rise senior apartment building. Cambridge Arms Apartments, built in 1928, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an example of Second Renaissance Revival Architecture. Built as luxury family units in 1928, Cambridge Arms was converted into senior housing in 1970. As part of the Community Properties Initiative, Cambridge Arms was restored to its original grandeur in 2005. Fifty five seniors live in the one and two bedroom units, some who are descendants of original residents.

Behind the main office and Cambridge Arms, located on East Gay Street, is a newly renovated historic building that houses the CPO Maintenance and Training Facility. The maintenance facility enables the CPO technicians to respond more quickly to issues in the field since they now have a well organized parts department and efficiently equipped shop. The Training Center allows for workshops, workforce development, and other educational trainings for staff and the community.

This campus concept helps reinforce the changes that CPO is making from within to create strong supportive neighborhoods, opportunities for educational training, and a greater sense of community and good neighbors.


Top: (910 E. Broad Street) The redesigned management office allows for more responsive and efficient customer service

Left: (926 E. Broad Street) The historic Cambridge Arms building houses 55 seniors and offices for Supportive Services & CPO Impact staff. Right: Aerial view of CPO campus, resident parking, maintenance/training facility

Left: (933 E. Gay Street) After requests from neighbors not to tear down the building, CPO transformed this historic warehouse into the CPO Training Center and Maintenance Facility. Right: The CPO training facility is used for resident & staff events and can be rented for industry trainings and civic gatherings

910 East Broad Street , Columbus, OH 43205   Phone: (614) 253-0984
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